The Kailyard Knitter is a Scottish knitting and yarn blog dedicated to exploring all things woolly.

My name is Hannah and I’m a Scottish twenty-something knitter, book lover, tea drinker, runner and cat lady; with a problematic wool addiction and an itch to travel.

Me + Sheep

Originally from Fife in the central belt of Scotland, I now live in Aberdeen on the North East coast with my husband, Alex, and our two cats, Henry and Morag.

IMG_1843 copy

My love of knitting has grown over the years and I constantly have a project on the go. However, I am a big gift giver when it comes to knitting, so I rarely have any evidence left of the many pieces I lovingly spend hours stitching before passing on to family and friends. It was this, in part, which inspired me to start writing this blog; along with a feeling that I would like to share my love of woolly things with others through the best way I know how – writing.

What about Kailyards?

So I know kale is the hipster vegetable of the moment (and knitting is pretty hipster too) but that’s just a lucky coincidence – there’s nothing hipster about my pairing of knitting with kailyards, and you won’t find any cabbage or kale here!

Kailyard is a type of Scottish fiction, known for its romantic and sentimental portrayals of Scottish life as cosy, innocent and safe. Popular in the 19th century, it was essentially a form of nostalgic escapism at a time when the country was living through turbulent industrial change.

This echoes a lot of what knitting means to me. Rooted in the nostalgia of learning to knit with my granny as a young girl, to me knitting is comforting and enjoyable; my fingers passing through the fibres of the yarn, going through the familiar repetitive motions of the knits and purls; row after row. It makes me feel cosy and, after a hard day at work, a long run, or the bracing cold and darkness of a Scottish winter day, knitting provides an escape; a way to switch off and focus the mind on simpler things, and a feeling of ‘home’ wherever I may be.

As an English Literature graduate and all round book nerd I couldn’t resist making this connection, and so the Kailyard Knitter was born.

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