Woolfest 2016

*Just a warning that this is a (woolly) mammoth post with lots of words and even more pictures. Seriously, make yourself a  cup of tea before you start…*

Living so far out of the way, I had never been to a knitting or wool festival before so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. When I first suggested to my husband that we fit a Woolfest detour into our holiday, it was all excitement: a full day of wool, sheep and knitting – what’s not to love? Although he isn’t a knitter, Alex does take an interest and is generally very tolerant of my need to visit wool shops / mills / sheep everywhere we go; and I knew there would be more than just yarn: there would be live demonstrations, plenty of sheep and – a soft spot for him and therefore the clincher – alpacas. So, I wasn’t really worried about dragging him along to a wool festival for the day either.

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